Born in Madrid, she was raised in the southwestern coast of Spain, an area known for its beaches and horses. From an early age she was seduced by both of them.

At 18, she left the family home to see the world. She first moved to the coast of England, and later that year she joined a motorcycle team and travelled throughout Europe for their world-class events. It was in this environment where she started developing an interest for sports and high level competition.

Sensing that travel would always play a key role in her life, she went on to study photography at Rider University (New Jersey), to pursue her dream life. She completed her College education back in Madrid, with a major in Communications.

During her college years, she spent the summer holidays working as a horseback riding instructor at Camp Waldemar, in the Texas Hill Country. There she reconnected with horses and was exposed to the rich Western culture, which has greatly influenced her life.

In her mid-tweenties she travelled extensively: Asia, Central America, the Middle-East, Northern and Southern Africa… Those travels led her to become a travel blogger. In 2012 she joined Minube, an international travel community with whom she continued her world travels, this time being filmed on camera for their tv channel.

Not long before that, she had moved back to Southern Spain, where she started exploring water sports photography with the help of her friend -and kitesurf World Champion-, Antoine Auriol. Soon she developed a very particular style and her artistic photographs were featured in magazines and sold at exhibitions. Her work caught Juanma Moreno’s eye -windsurf National Champion and Olympian-, and he hired her to be his personal photographer and agent, starting a relationship that lasts to this day.


Zahira on Minube.tv

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Costa Rica
Cádiz en invierno.




























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